Parents in Pursuit of Purity | PDF Download


A guide for parents to keep children sexually safe in a pornographic culture.

This book will give you the education and tools you need to lead your family in the pursuit of purity, to a life that is free from the clutches of pornography.

In this book I’m going to share with you…

  • The Conversations: The walks and the talks.
    Defining biblical sexual intimacy; Laying the foundation; The talks.
  • The Culture: The exposure of a fallen world.
    Sexual immorality; defining pornography; sexual sabotage.
  • The Confirmation: The scientific facts you need to know.
    The new drug; The new sex education.
  • The Challenges: The generational struggles.
    The power of choice; Watching what our children watch.
  • The Change: Redeeming God’s original design.
    The original design; What I wished I knew.

Who is this book for?

  • Leaders who want to lead communities and families to protect children.
  • Parents who want to create resilient children in a digital age.
  • Guardians who want to stand in the gap and need the empowerment that education brings.
  • Pastors who want to protect their congregations from this public health crisis.
  • Grandparents who want to help and encourage their grandchildren.

This book will educate you and give you the tools you need to keep your children free from the clutches of pornography!

Are you ready to lead your family in the pursuit of purity?


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